Lisa Ferrara, Ph.D.
Owner & President

Dr. Lisa Ferrara has been faculty at two prestigious academic medical centers and served as the director of the musculoskeletal research facilities. She has received numerous accolades, was involved with the Medical Device Advisory Committee to the FDA, and has provided consulting services about spinal disorders for ABC News. Dr. Ferrara is widely published, provides frequent lectures, serves on multiple scientific and medical advisory boards, and has recently been appointed as a board member to the Advisory Committee for Biotechnology in Southeastern North Carolina.

Dr. Ferrara previously served as the Director of the Spine Research Laboratory in the Department of Neurosurgery and Orthopedics at The Cleveland Clinic with a research focus on musculoskeletal biomechanics and the development of implantable MEMS sensors for various biomedical applications. She was awarded the Who’s Who Award in Technology in 1999, the NASS Award for Outstanding Research in 1995, and is the recent recipient of the Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Coastal North Carolina.

James Wickersham, P.E.
Chief Operating Officer

James Wickersham is a licensed professional engineer with more than 30 years of mechanical engineering experience. He previously served as a forensic engineer for a large firm providing litigation support in the areas of winter sports, amusement rides and other recreational equipment. His expertise includes providing mechanical testing of medical devices, consumer products, and sports equipment.

Mr. Wickersham started his career in the power generation industry as a field engineer working in construction, maintenance, and operation of fossil fueled facilities and nuclear power plants. Later, he managed large multi-million dollar projects, both in the US and abroad. As a field engineer and manager, his technical skills, structured management style, and problem solving abilities were continuously tested and honed while addressing emergent issues that surfaced throughout various projects during his career. His hands-on experience and acute attention to detail, coupled with his Six Sigma quality training has contributed to the success of the testing facility.